5:00pm 5:00pm

An Evening With Health Coaches

The evening will feature the first video in a docuseries titled GMO’s Revealed by Dr. Patrick Gentempo and Dr. Beau Price.

You will also be hearing from leading experts in the field of Nutrition:

 Dr. Zach Bush - A multiple Board Certified Physician, Cancer Researcherwho runs his own research laboratory and is an expert on GMOs and other subjects.

Vani Hari- The Food Babe Author of Feeding You Lies: unraveling the food industry’s Playbook to Reclaim Your Health to be Released in 2018 and The Food Babe Way : Break Free from the Hidden Toxins in Your Food

GunnarLovelace – CEO of Thrive Market and one of the founders discusses the cost of food and the company’s vision to provide non GMO and high quality food to the mass market at an affordable price

Following the video, there will be a Q and A to discuss this and other food andnutrition questions that you may have 

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