My name is Donette, and I am dedicated to mothering and empowering you while guiding you through your postpartum journey. 

My Philosophy

After years of study, I have come to understand the intricacies of the postpartum phase. Our culture places emphasis on “balancing it all” and “losing the baby weight” which often leaves women feeling shamed and desperate. Ultimately, it’s about so much more. Divine Feminine strength comes from a supportive community and the vulnerability in asking for help. My hope is that women will embrace this idea and redefine this time as a sacred bonding experience. The intention of my practice is to change the paradigm of the expectations placed on women in postpartum. I am devoted to nurturing the new mother to ensure she is empowered in her femininity. I believe this is the foundation from which a family will truly thrive.  

How I Can Help

I believe you are the expert of your own body. I can help you realize your strengths so you’re left with more than the advice of the traditional medical model. My knowledge and life experience help inform my suggestions for you. I will help you achieve self confidence and joy as you embrace this new chapter in your life. By being nourished with caring support you are able to create space for an optimal postpartum experience.


Certified Wellness & Lifestyle Coach, Registered Yoga Therapist, Certified Doula, Certified Natural Health Practitioner

Founder of

  • Diapers4Change

  • InfoVax

  • Ananda Healing Center

My Story

After unexpectedly becoming pregnant at the age of 44, I became enchanted with the miracle of life and witnessing women fully engaged in the wisdom of their bodies.  

By immersing myself in books by authors such as Dr. Northrup and Ina May Gaskin, my mind was opened to the idea of what was possible for the birth of my daughter. I was completely focused on my pregnancy, labor and delivery. I immediately took leave of absence from my work as a International Flight Attendant and made self care my highest priority. Weekly chiropractic visits, massage and swimming became my new normal. My life felt magical and it never occurred to me that it would be any different with a newborn.

A beautiful day of nesting resulted in an intimate evening of natural childbirth. I was on the high of my life! The birth of my daughter was the most empowering experience I had ever known. It was as if I was being flooded by a warm, invigorating light. Little did I know that this bliss would be short lived. Within days the darkness would set in. Nothing had prepared me for the debilitating grief and despair I would feel. No one had died - only my life as I had always known it.

Months went by as I sat stunned and blinded by the wonders of motherhood. I felt confused and bewildered by the tremendous responsibility. The shift in lifestyle seemed overwhelming and everything felt so heavy. I began to isolate myself. I rejected offerings of support thinking I could do it all on my own. This wasn’t the case. My emotional anguish would soon be compounded with physical symptoms that would affect my ability to hold my daughter. Excruciating pain in my arms, which I now know is reflective of how we give and receive love, kept me practically immobile.

I knew I needed help yet every attempt to reach out was met by the suggestion that I should consider taking antidepressants. Despite studies saying these drugs would have no effect on the baby through my breast milk, I knew different. This realization would change the trajectory of my life.  

I started taking yoga classes to get more in alignment with my mind, body and spirit. I remember moments of lying on my mat sobbing uncontrollably, releasing months of confusion and unprocessed emotions. This was the point at which my postpartum symptoms began to fall away. Yoga therapy, coupled with dietary changes, supplementation and meditation, were the perfect blend to support my healing.  In hindsight, I can now see the beauty of my body speaking to me so clearly. By trusting my intuition and embracing an integrative approach, I slowly and joyfully stepped into my role as a mother.

Today, fourteen years later, I am deeply grateful for my postpartum journey. My passion of supporting and educating women was born through that delicate time of my life.

My family now resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Audrey is a healthy, curious, and intelligent 14 year old.

Thank you for visiting my “About Me" page. I would love to hear where you are in your own pregnancy journey and how I can help you discover your own inner power.

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Love, Donette


Christiane Northrup, MD, OB/GYN and NY Times Best Selling Author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom and Goddesses Never Age, highly recommends Donette's work as she is "a beacon of light, beauty and healing in the world."