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Susan says...

Donette radiates loving wisdom throughout her coaching and business offerings. With strength and kindness, she sits in the center of compassion for self and others and then—without words—will be inviting you to do the same. Donette listens deeply and then connects with you to create the next best step to take. 


Erin says...

Donette has guided me through many of my life’s biggest moments– breakups, work challenges, moving across the country to follow my heart’s passion and finding my life’s partner!
She has been the one witnessing me as I’ve navigated my young adulthood and is the one I turn to for guidance, encouragement and hope.
She lives and breathes her work– presence, wholeness, integration and joy! Her sense of intuition is invaluable to me, as well as her deep body wisdom and knowing.
She asks the questions I need to hear and she loves me through all the winding journeys of life. Anyone who gets to do healing work with her is truly blessed and in the best hands!


Dina says...

Donette is “charm in a bottle” – she’s a straight shooting wise sage, a light of kindness and humor, and a trusted mentor.

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Jessica says...

One of MANY things I appreciate, admire, love and respect about Donette is the way she has created her own life in exactly the way she has needed too. Along with that has come tremendous wisdom, insight and experience with a whole spectrum of real-deal living. Because of this I not only trust her as a loving, present and helpful friend, colleague and coach, but as a solid and compassionate guide who will do whatever it takes to be there as an incredible support. She is living proof that life is full of miracles and success of ALL kinds, and she will help you get there— in body, mind, and spirit! (Bonus: *She has a cute accent, too!).


Alix says...

Donette has been an incredibly positive force in my life. The moment I met her, she overwhelmed me with healing energy and love. My spiritual growth and overall health have improved from her wealth of knowledge, and nurture. Donette practices what she preaches, making her a role model to not only me, but my family, friends and anyone else who comes in contact with her.

Anytime I hear of someone suffering, hurting, or struggling with their health, I recommend Donette. Her unique approach is real, raw and practical for the everyday person.

Donette leads by example, and the second you meet her, you will feel her genuine love. She has changed my life, and enhanced my spirit in many ways. I approach life with open arms and an open heart…just one of the many facets she has ingrained in me. Donette will forever be a sounding voice and support in my life. She is truly amazing!


Dana says...

Donette quickly became more than a coach to me, but also a friend. Starting with my personal view of health and fitness and my unhealthy habits, Donette found a gradual, gentle way to fit new and different options into my everyday life. She takes an overall mind, body and spirit approach in her coaching sessions through identifying past cycles and thought patterns and this has helped me tremendously.

Donette has walked me through pregnancy with baby and mama health, and will continue to do so until our baby girl arrives. Her vast research and respect for the birthing process is so valuable…especially to this first time mother. Donette’s knowledge brought a huge awareness to what my body is going through and how to see it as Divine and empowering.

Donette is a woman of beauty, abundance, integrity, inspiration, and depth. I am forever grateful to have her as a friend, mentor and coach.  

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Cindy says...

Through your LOVE and support and continuous easy access to your open heart, mind, body and your sweet soul, we brought this child into the world with a family of four strong generations of women present for that sweet moment in time!  Without your support, teachings, hugs, tears, laughter, and understanding LOVE, this happiness we still have today, 5 years later, could have been very different.  Anyone is lucky to have you present during a magical time in their life.

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Heather says...

Donette is one of those rare souls who brings the gentle warmth of kindness wherever she appears. Her authentic warmth is born of weathering the ups and downs through a life well lived, which created humility and fearlessness. Donette carries a curious, compassionate and quick mind. Her natural creativity and caring equip her to tend to a woman with child using the hoped-for decisiveness, practicality and reassurance. Her twinkle and smile create comfort and security even in times when the mind is troubled. Donette lives the health and wellness she teaches and, after years of mentoring women, she is now one of the greatly-loved leaders in this field.

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Rebecca says...

When I met Donette I didn't know what a Doula was or how bad I needed one!  You see I am a tough farm girl from Kansas.. and I figured I could do this pregnancy thing on my own!  People do it all the time... right??  Boy was I wrong.  No matter what your background is hiring Donette is so stinkin cheap for such value to create an overall great experience.  Having a baby is something that is the hardest transition ever and you never really truly understand it until you are in the middle of it, but it can be so much easier and the overall experience between you and your spouse can be so much better when you allow others to help.  There are a lot of hard decisions to make and some unforeseen.  It is awful nice to have a personal coach to forewarn you what is coming next!  Donette is someone you want on your team for game day!  She is your google... She is your emotional support.... She is your wisdom when things seem hard.  Having Donette is like having a personal assistant on your wedding day!  Having a baby is a memory of a lifetime so set yourself up for the best possible outcome by hiring Donette. She is truly the best at what she does.


Joni says...

Donette’s intuition, patience and love of life has taught me that anything is possible in my life. Her style of coaching has helped me tremendously. I am so grateful to have her in my life.

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Sara says...

The day I found out I was pregnant I was terrified.  The next day I contacted Donette because I knew my mental state, emotional health and diet was less than mediocre, and she would know what I should do, for me, so this other little person had a good chance.  Her positive energy was the perfect balance in an otherwise scary, less than ideal situation.  Donette perspective on birth and health made it all seem like themost natural thing i could be doing. The attention I received from Mama D was much greater than I could have imagined.  She set out a meal plan, got me juicing, met me in the early mornings to work out, attended every appointment, and was with me as soon as labor pains began.  She wrangled my crazy family, kept me calm, laughing and happy as labor progressed.  With me throughout the toughest yet most empowering, time in my life.  She has become an amazing mentor and friend for life. My birth experience pre and post natal were made amazing because of Mama D.  Now years later I am still in awe of what an inspiring, powerful, loving woman she is. I can't explain how grateful I am for not only her Belief in me, but her love and friendship."