Are you in your late 30s or early 40s and desire a pregnancy?

Or are you already pregnant, looking for support and guidance?

I’ve been there! I was 44 and unexpectedly became pregnant.



I had given up on my dream of having a child at 40. I figured it wasn’t in my cards, so I focused on my career. What I learned? Don’t give up!

What surprised me more than anything was the lack of information on later-in-life pregnancy.

This frustration inspired me to research and create a support program for other women like me. I have been studying fertility and wellness since the birth of my daughter 12 years ago. Now, I’ve birthed The Wise Womb, a coaching program to support women pregnant later-in-life.


Passion + Respect + Advocacy 

I am unshakeable in my passion for supporting women through healthy pregnancies.

I have a deep respect for women and the desire to educate them so they can make informed choices.

I focus my advocacy on the whole woman, using my knowledge to balance and integrate the needs of mind + body + spirit.

I know for certain that, when women are supported during this cherished time, they feel empowered, transformed and at peace. This is my desire for you.


What I will do for you:

Support you as you embark on this brave new frontier.

Guide you while providing holistic information and resources as the needs of your body change.

Stand with you through the birth of this precious new life.


It will be my honor to work with you in creating joy and harmony by making the best possible choices for you and your baby. Please contact me so we can have complimentary phone call to determine if our styles mesh well.

Pregnancy after 40 is more possible than ever before.  

Allow me to be your guide.



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